Thursday, June 2, 2016

Top 10 Heart stopping movies

Sometimes life needs some thrill and a lil' bit awesomeness to balance everything and so I thought why not share my top 10 best heart stopping movies then.  I hope my selection will be able to make you feel something as if you we're in the same situation or as if you're the main character in these flicks. Enjoy! (All images were taken from google)

1. Everest (2015)- is based on real events. There's always danger if you'll go to an unfamiliar place, right? But sometimes fear is not even part of the equation, sometimes people would push themselves to the limit in order to be on the top, and it literally happened in this movie. I desire to go in Mt. Everest, that's seriously part of my bucket list, and this movie made me feel and realize so many things. Oh, my this is absolutely heart stopping.

2. The Walk (2015)- Yes! This happened in real life. I believe when you have dreams (even if it means you have to put your life in danger) you'll do whatever it takes to achieve it. This movie definitely made me feel so scared of heights, when in fact I love heights. Haha. I watch this in 2D but it felt like I was watching it in 3D, it's that awesome. (Yep, please don't make your kids watch this movie yet, thank you).

3. Alive (1993)- Do you have fear of flights? Haha. I do, and it even got worst after watching this movie. Haha. Think about this, you were in a flight with your co-athletes then, the plane crashes, you were still alive, but you're miles away from the civilization, what would you do? Well, this film clearly talks about survival and critical thinking when you get in that situation. Oh gosh, the twist was unexpected. But I understand they have to do it to live. 

4. The Core (2003)- this is a sci fi/thriller film. Given that, Geophysicists and scientists discovered that the inner core of our planet stopped and started chaos everywhere, imagine melting all the metals and everything exists in this planet? Yes, it was scary, but.... you can watch it and find out what happened. Haha. I watched this flick when I was in High School and I still can't forget this movie.

5. The Revenant (2015)- What if you weren't born from this century, if you lived and raised in the forest, and if you're in a situation where people are chasing you because they want you killed. How long will you last? Watch Leonardo DiCaprio and find out how he won the best actor award in the recent Oscars and how he manage to... Oh just watch this now! 😄

6. The Orphan (2009)- a must watch I have to say. This film is crazy and the twist was unbearable but I was able to finish it so I'm pretty sure you will to. This has something to do with a family who adopted a kid from an Orphanage and it turns out she's not your average ordinary kiddo, there's really something wrong with Esther. (Yep, another one, do me a favor, please don't make your kids watch this movie yet, thank you).

7. The Hurt Locker (2008)- I was in college when I watch this. So, imagine yourself disarming a bomb when you have few more minutes in order to make it, will you even risk your life? Well, in this movie it's not enough that you're skilled, you also need a brave, confident heart to save the world. You gotta watch this with your brother or your dad and even your boyfriend, they will like it too.

8. American Sniper (2014)- what can I do, most of the movies in this list seems to be based on a true story. There are few that are born with special skills like snipers for example. But here he is not just a sniper, he is a father and a human being. It's tough isn't it, when you know that your enemies has one goal and that is to take you down. And then the odds were in your favor, you survived and hailed as a hero, then something happens, unexpectedly... That's for you to find out what happened next. Haha. 

9. The silence of the lambs (1991)- while I was doing this blog I notice that I was 3 weeks old when this movie was shown, it turns out 18 years after I'll be able to watch it too. I like the plot so much, I salute the writer of this movie, way too sly really. Jodie Foster is an FBI agent and was assigned to interview a mad psychopath who's in jail because of numerous crimes such as murder and cannibalism. Until something very special happened... so just watch it. Haha.

10. Inception (2010)- I always like the films that is starring Leonardo DiCaprio because it's always interesting, it's unique and it will leave you thinking and wanting more. Now, Inception is one of those powerful movies that falls under action and sci fi genre. Story is about Leonardo's ability to enter one's dreams and best part, he can also navigate into their secrets too, and from there he starts to steal. So dope and wicked, isn't it?!

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  1. COOOOOOLLLL collection... napanood ko na lahat and my fave is Inception.. why? I kinda like the idea of a dream within a dream within a dream...

  2. Great collections!

  3. Tin, Horror movies naman :D heheheh

    1. Good suggestion Kitty! Will definitely blog about it too :)