Friday, July 8, 2016

Frog Kaffee & Roasters

Coffee enthusiast? Lost in our fast-paced, hyper-connected world? Take a break and visit Frog Kaffee & Roasters.

This is definitely one of the sought after Coffee shops these days, and why is that? Simply because it is the first 3rd wave Coffee shop in Davao City.

Frog Kaffee & Roasters is located in Prime Square, F. Torres St., Davao City, Philippines. Compared to other Coffee shops here in Davao, the place was not crowded. There's a large seating area to choose from, a good internet access and a very deluxe interior.

If you want to renew some personal connections, which best made face-to-face in an informal friendly environment, over a cup of tea, then this is the place to be.

The smiling staff were very approachable and accommodating. And once you ask for water or even to take a picture (with many shots, because there's three of us, there's 3 phones too, haha) they wouldn't hesitate.

My friends and I went there after work, dinner time. Prior to that we went to a different coffee shop but was dismayed because there's no more space for us, and we had to wait for another group to get in before our turn, we never want to wait c'mon now. So we decided to visit Frog Kaffe & Roasters. Good thing they know a lot of place to eat.

If I'll choose between coffee and matcha, I'll definitely go with the green one. I'm a huge fan for its complex taste and aside from that, there's so many health benefits that you can get from it too, it is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. So I thought, it'll better be good.

The Matcha frappe (165php) that was served exceeded my expectations (in other places, they serve "cafe grade" matcha that tastes way too sweet) with Frog Kaffe, it was refreshing with ideal vegetal taste, distinctive aroma and sweet aftertaste that will make you look forward for the next sip. Definitely uplifting! The whipped cream was just right and the sprinkled matcha over the top balanced it out. We love it! 

So how do I like my sandwich? I want it served hot and grilled. What else will go perfectly with Matcha frappe? Tuna Sandwich of course, but this time I tried out Panini Spicy Tuna Melt (160php). 

My verdict? I'm okay with the flavor combination, crisp finish was good. I just really wished that it's a little more spicier (because that's what I was looking for) and I wish the filling was equally distributed. The serving was good. 

We also ordered Nachos (210php), C'mon who doesn't like nachos anyway? This generous crunchy and plain Tortilla chips was covered with meat and salsa, a double layer of cheese, and black olives on top. The crisp factor of the tortilla chips was distinct, it was very cheesy, they even provided us with extra cheese, the ratio of black olives and salsa was ideal for a  single-layered nachos, it made the whole plate good to the last bite. I even wanted more honestly. 

Dessert time! We chose something that was highly recommended and that is Espresso lava cake (230php).  I got really curious as to why there is a word "lava" on the name itself.

I made the right decision, it was really yummy! It's bursting with rich, sweet, coffee flavor with contrasting textures. Even my friends loved it. The rich and deep flavor was to die for. This surely is a foolproof espresso-chocolate cake, so moist and squidgy, melts in your mouth delight, the vaniĺla ice cream also complimented the dessert.

Honestly, this is the best cake I have had for a long time. It tasted absolutely heavenly. This was the perfect chocolate cake that I've been looking for. Truly delicious!

Now this is going to be one of the reason's why I would really go back. And yes, next time I'll try their coffee too.
Frog Kaffe is an ultimate escape into a world that is somehow accustomed, but not completely explored yet. This discovery was worthwhile. Can't wait to visit again.