Thursday, April 6, 2017

A taste of Harry Potter world: Nook Cafe

Hi fellow Muggles and Potterheads! I know, It’s been 10 years since the last Harry Potter book and last 6 years since the last movie, but Potter mania is still as strong as ever. Even now that you’re all grown up, the magic surely hasn’t ended – in fact, it’s only expanded. Take that from me as I feature NOOK CAFE. 
Filled with witches, wizards and epic battles between good and evil, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to this best-selling series. Whether you’re a fan of the books or movies, a college student or a senior, superfan or dabbler or some combination of all of these things.The Nook Café is- as you’ve probably guess by our DELIGHT- entirely Harry Potter themed. This is a cute Cafe by the way, roughly, it can be occupied by at least 12- 18 pax. This is a get-away, by all means to the world of "the boy who lived".
I feel the urge to share my experience. I grew up with the magical world of Harry Potter at the tips of your fingertips and I am still trying to get as much of the Harry Potter experience as possible. 
It's safe to say that there are plenty of references all around the café.
In addition to serving coffee-based beverages. Nook Cafe also has an expansive desserts and pastries menu. Try Golden Snitch Chocolate truffle, it's dark chocolate with a twist. So try it!

Fave spot? Second floor, it made me feel like I'm a legit student of Hogwarts. We brought the cosplaying to the next level by bringing a Harry Potter glasses for my boyfiend. haha. Because the Cafe doesn't have on, bring yours, ok?
So this is where the real magic happens. There are plenty of references all around the café, if you want to get more acquainted with the Rowling universe there is a special section for books, as well as resources to help you bone up on your knowledge of wizardly things. You may read the book and enjoy a magical journey with your meal.
And yes, other books too. In deed, generous. Plus, they have a complete set!
The café will delight fans with Harry Potter themed uniforms, wands, brooms, other magical objects used on set, furniture and quirky food menu. Whatever you fancy. It’s one step closer to becoming the witch or wizard you know yourself to be. Oh it was such a cozy place!
Harry Potter themed café has a minimalist aesthetic: wooden tables, bar and comfortable seat with lots of pillows. 

Get ready. This is a big one. Nook Café are serving Concoctions like butterbeer, you’ll feel like you’re at the Leaky Cauldron. So again it is non-alcoholic butterscotch flavored crème soda drink with a whipped cream frothy top. Somehow it tasted like a root beer float, but better, now this is my favorite. It was very tasty but not too sweet. I have to be dead honest and say that I did not expect to love it as much as I did. Nothing beats the fun feeling of having that creamy foam all over your upper lip when you drink it.
Delightfully rich Potter-themed décor and menu, the café has the entire feel of the wizarding world with complete treats for any potterhead or muggles like us. 

Banana Speculoos smoothie. Definitely shareable. It has desired, playful flavors that your taste buds will love like speculoos spread, cinnamon, banana, yogurt and peanut butter. So my boyfriend and I had a debate on this one, he is claiming that it doesn’t have peanut butter, but I promise, I tasted it, and I’m the blogger so, it’s my call. So my verdict? it is ridiculously good, depends on your sugar tolerance but mine is high and I loved it! In case you wonder what the cookies are, it's yes butter cookies. LOVE IT!

The chicken wrapped in bacon was thick and served perfectly Crispy, juicy drumstick unlike any other. It was absolutely perfect! Worth the price. I think it was double fried. It was drizzled in honey. Your heart may stop in a moment but you’ll be happy. It’s life changing. Heaven will explode in your mouth. As you notice, along with Harry Potter books, scientific proportions made to make the entire table happy. The pasta was ok, the pasta was cooked al dente, and was served hot. 

Overall, since we waited for at least 45mins. before the Cafe opened and we believed (since it was posted in their IG page) that it will open at 12nn. The advantage of waiting was that we're the first customer to wear the costumes and occupy the second floor. We had a chance to take lots of pictures. It was a day full of simple but magical memories. The staff were ok.  I highly recommend that you visit this cafe.

Every super fan of the series should visit. I would definitely come back the next time I splurge a little on brunch with friends.

Address: A, 164 Maginhawa, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

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