Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gerry's Jeepney in Maginhawa St., QC

Maginhawa St., in Quezon City is now popular due to the number resto and cafe's to choose from with reasonable price, and today we'll talk about Gerry's Jeepney (the only resto that welcomed us with open arms during the Holy week of 2016).

Definitely not complaining about the scenario and timing but yes, this is based on true story. haha. So I was on vacation and headed in Manila last Holy week, and what do we do during vacation? we catch up with friends right? And so I did and since I've been absolutely curious about this Maginhawa St., so is my friends, we decided to drive ourselves to the place itself. Well, it's just a street really and sad part all of the restos and cafe's were not operational that day because it was Maundy Thursday, again, truly understandable. But Gerry's Jeepney was open! Hurray! We were relieved.

The concept of the resto was very patriotic, you'll be entertained by the colorful and joyful what looks like jeepney terminal once you enter the premise, we wanted to seat inside the jeep but the staff told us that we need to be atleast 6pax and up in order to do so. Ugh, not a good start. So we went inside the resto itself, well the ambiance wasn't so bad, actually I like the authenticity of the place, it feels like home. We then discovered that Gerry's jeepney is known for its Boodle type of eating (a culinary experience where a huge pile of food were served in the middle of a long table where starving soldiers eat with their hands that symbolizes camaraderie and brotherhood in the military). So we're not soldiers and there's just 3 of us so we didn't take advantage of boodle fight. Instead, we ordered pork Kare- kare (230php), Sisig (200php) and Jeepney's very own fried rice (180php). We waited for approximately 20 mins before they were able to serve the food. Good thing we have a lot of things to talk about, so it didn't felt like a long wait at all.

The best part of dining at Gerry's Jeepney is the food, it is not just affordable but undoubtedly sumptuous as well. I love their Kare- kare the veggies were not overcooked, the pork is very soft it smashed to smithereens when it touched the edges of my teeth, oh, and the sauce was just delicious, really, the peanut flavor was overwhelming. Their sauted shrimp paste was a perfect match. It's definitely the best Kare- kare that I've tasted--so far. The Sisig on the other hand is also good, I just wish that we ordered plain rice, instead of fried rice, because it didn't compliment either of the dish.

The staff was okay, I'm not sure if there's just few of them on that day because no one seem so interested to get our payment, it took 10 mins. I guess. So I'm not sure what happened there. So the question is will I go back to Gerry's Jeepney, definitely, but next time with bigger no. of pax (and not on a holiday), so that we can eat in the jeepney. Haha.

So this is me with my gals, happy to discover the place and satisfied with the food we ate :)

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Super nice post, tin. Nagutom tuloy ako hehehe

  2. Thank you Kitty! I have to share it coz they really have the best Kare-kare :) haha.

    1. Waaaa... Ilove kare kare sooooo mmmuuuuccchhhh