Monday, July 4, 2016

Uncovering "La Isla Bonita" ♥

 The place that I call Nature lover's haven...

Growing up in Manila means lesser access to white sand beaches (because it'll take 3 hours to 8 hours in order to get there) vacation means going to a resort with pools if not, beaches with gray or black sand with big waves. That's why since I'm here in Davao City whenever I'm not swamped with work I really make time for a new escapade. 
La Isla Bonita (LIB) is located in Sta. Cruz, Talikud Island, Davao del Norte, Philippines. You can reach the place by riding a public boat at Magsaysay Wharf in Davao City (80php), travel time is approximately 1 hour to Sta. Cruz,  Talikud, (take note that there is no fix schedule of public boat departure as it depends on the sea condition and passenger traffic, in our case we waited for an hour), from there you will ride a motorcycle (habal- habal, 50php) and it'll take you directly to the resort in less than 20 mins. It was a fun ride even though it felt like more than 20mins, just imagine there's four of us in one motorcycle in a bumpy rough road. But the long strenuous travel was rewarded by nothing other than beauty and charm of this tranche of paradise.

From time to time, I would google and check resorts in Samal Island, because you know it's summer and I need to take a time off to find my sanity. C'mon we all deserve that! So my friends and I planned a trip to La Isla Bonita, good thing they have a facebook page ( because we planned to have an overnight stay.

We arrived in LIB around 5pm already, paid our overnight fee for only 250php/pax it is for a dormitory type of room good for 20- 22 pax (our bad, we're not able to make our reservations prior to our visit, original plan was to get our own room which is worth 1000php, however when we got there it was no longer available, but the dormitory room was okay). 

There's the three of us, very enthusiastic and eager to take our selfless, shameless selfies. After we left our belongings in our bed and securing it (since we're sharing one room with a group of people, they were harmless and seem to be nice so never had a problem with it), we went outside and wandered along the beach. The captivating sunset, made the pictures more interesting.
After taking pictures we decided to check-out the shoreline, (on the picture you'll see a steep stairs which is probably less than 15 steps down). There are about 2- 3 open cottages (200php day tour, 400php overnight) on the beach so if you'll go there for a day tour, it will do, it can accomodate 6- 10 pax.

By the way if you're seeking for a party like atmosphere, beach shopping, restaurants and bars then this may not be the place for you. Mobile signal is existent, but internet signal is not (c'mon it's okay, once in a while have a date with nature, just be in the moment). Also, there's no other activities in the resort since they're not fully operational yet. Now if you're planning to visit LIB with a large group you may contact them in advance because they have a shuttle van. Another good news is that there's no corkage on food, there's a variety of food to choose from with reasonable price.

I was really happy that time, it felt like we discover a gem on a treasure Island (LIB is far different from the previous resorts that I visited). Incomparable effortless pleasures in watching the sunrise, lazing in the beach and communing with the transcendent of nature that is what LIB is about. We decided to have a dip but not for too long because the daylight is already fading. But it didn't stop us from taking more pictures. Haha.

I knew I was with the right group because they know how to take good pictures, I love my bears. It was a perfect time to know more about them and just talk about everything life has to offer.
The next day, we woke up around 5am because we wanted to see the sunrise (and our roommates were so clamorous because it was brownout), we'll saw a bit of it so it was okay. Best part of being in LIB is that it is raw, remote and unspoiled. It felt like we own the island.

The water was completely calm that morning gave us chance to walk along the shoreline and observe the place. LIB resort is a stunningly beautiful area and generally bare it is approximately 160-meter white sand beach with clear turquoise water that is so inviting. 

That morning, we started exploring the island, there were chunks of corals that were scattered on the beach but it didn't matter because of the staff who are maintaining the beauty of the place by removing the algaes and dead corals on the shoreline (I salute them!).

Unbeknownst to many there's more to Talikud Island than the usual tour, more nature's fascination, serenity of the place and priceless pleasures.

And that morning I was able to face one of my fears, to actually touch/hold and look what's underneath a star fish, and yep not just one but two. Call me whatever but I seriously don't have any idea that star fish are harmless creatures, well, not unless if you'll provoke them.

Truth is, I still freak out somehow because we found a large starfish on the seabed,  (which by the way is a lil bit heavy) it's upper surface was too spiny and it's mouth at the center was creepy so is it's tube feet. But thank you to my friends (because of peer pressure, kidding!) I had the courage to hold on to it and scrutinize these fascinating creatures.

One of the things that really caught our attention ever since we got there was the raft, yes the goal was to reach the raft. On that morning for some very odd reason it way too far from the shoreline. We even tried to pull it closer to our spot but later on we realized that no matter how hard we try we just can't because it was tied to the other side. (We laughed so hard and didn't stop laughing until were done). After all, we're still able to make it to the raft, we also met new friends who helped us. (And the selfie stick as you see was beyond helpful). Haha.

LIB is absolutely one of the most picturesque beaches in Davao del Norte, the hues of the sea was simply eye catching. While on the raft, the stillness of water was visible, you can also hear the whisper of the sea. Even the sun was up ad it was scorching hot it didn't stop us from enjoying the view and just feel the moment. I thought, this is what I need. The entire experience was purely alluring!

Upon leaving the premise we realized that we have the same brand of bagpack. haha. Posed for a picture and thank the staff, they we're super accommodating.

 Ahhhh, I love La Isla Bonita! What the place offers is unforgettable experience it is truly a paradise on its raw state. Never did I imagine that the place will move me so deeply. LIB is worth visiting (can't wait to go back).


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