Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kaputian Beach Park

Want a hassle free and affordable outing? Then head over to Kaputian Resort, located at the southern most part of Samal Island.

I thought it's ideal to visit Kaputian when you're with a group of people, probably 10-25 pax and mostly when you're in a budget. Look at this price list, very pleasant to the eyes isn't it? Knowing that the resort is government owned property pretty much explains everything. I was beyond happy when I learned the price because our group was composed with 11 kids and 7 adults, and half of the kids were less than 8 years old so end up not paying for them coz it's free.

I seriously don't have any expectations for this place when my family decided to go there, I thought I just wanna have a quality time with them and the kids. But when we get to the place we we're all delighted with everything, the natural beauty of the place, the white sand shoreline and the fresh air. I believe it's expected that there's a huge crowd of people, because Kaputian Beach Park is considered a public resort, but even though, I fell in love with the place already. I believe as long as you have your own cottage everything will be fine. Like in our case, since everyone wants to go swimming, (and what we got was an open cottage) we also brought a tent to make sure that our belongings will be safe. Few things that you need to know though, there's no life guard, so you really need to keep an eye to the kids, better safe than sorry. (I did that by the way when we get there, haha).

The beauty of Kaputian is pure. It was a lovely place, my favorite is the water, it's really clear and clean, however the dead corals, leaves and little trash that was scattered everywhere was disappointing. I hope they can have some staff to clean the place, I mean they could somehow increase the entrance fee to improve the cleanliness of it. So in order to keep my foot safe from any puncture wound I wore my rubber slippers the entire time. You can take a look at the picture beside me to see how it exactly looks like. But personally I'm fine with it, I just really believe that there's a lot of room for improvement, I thought this place could be the Boracay of Davao del Norte, no doubt about it.
I have a lot of pictures taken from this place because wherever I look there's this simple and grandeur impressiveness brought by nature. Some imperfect matter scattered can even change the usual subject of the lens. The picture shows as well that there's a wharf beside the resort, it's present on the right and left ends of the beach just so you know, but it doesn't matter because it was such a long shoreline, you can stay in the middle of it if you want.

For your information, the water is at least 5- 10 meters away from the cottages so you really need to have a sunblock because getting a tanned skin is achievable in just 30 minutes by going back and forth. But even though, the water was very cool, it's just that I still wore slippers when I was in the water because there's still a lot of dead corals, but as you go along and deeper the surface will be sand-ish, just make sure that you can swim because the water quality was wavy, but oh well as long as you're in the lighter color of water it's safe. (I didn't dare to go beyond my shoulders, haha).
In this picture my aunt and I decided to go on the left side end of the Kaputian, we're trying to hide from the kids because they we're too tan, actually they're skin turned dark already because they enjoyed so much, so we told them to prepare because we're about to leave, to my surprise my aunt invited me to have a last dip. (End of the story my nephews and nieces saw us, and so they went back to the water, hahaha, busted). This is definitely one of my favorite pictures taken. (For more pictures you may visit my instagram account: xtinecalanoy).
Will I go back to Kaputian Beach Park? Definitely! But by that time I'll be there on an earlier time of the day like 7am or 8am so that I can get the cottage that I want, grill barbeque, get this spot and put my own hammock and of course take more pictures.

Thank you for dropping by! Have a awesome day ahead! :)


  1. Wow...another post. Fan talaga ako ng blog mo, ma'am.

    Super tempting ang beach :D

    1. And there's more to come! :) Thank you :) I just wanna be on the beach!