Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pluviophile playlist

 My own interpretation of "Pluviophile" is someone who without a warning finds nirvana when it rains (From Collins dictionary: a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days). So I am one, and I believe there's tons of us in this world. So I created a playlist that you can listen to when we feel that happiness is never ending... (Images were taken from google)

1. Till the end (2016)- Jessie Ware
    From "Me before you" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    Label: Interscope Records
If you've seen the movie "Me before you" then you probably know which exact part this was played, I'm not PRO with Will's ex girlfriend, but I just really fell in love with the song, the lyrics and vocals. It's brings me to a different dimension and makes me feel so in love. I even listen to this song even it's not raining, tends to be my current LSS. (You may also check out the entire OST of Me Before you because it's really good).

2. Like a star (2005)- Corrine Bailey Rae
       From 27 dresses (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
       Label: EMI records
I discovered this song on my cousin's iPOD back when I was in college. During that time I only listen to one of her songs as well which is "Put your records on" then I found this. First thing that came to my mind was "how romantic", after that I heard this song being played in one of Katherine Heigl's movie (which is my fave as well, ugh small world) 27 dresses, on the scene where she finally confessed that she's in love too...

3. Close (2016)- Nick Jonas, Tove Lo
         Label: Island Safehouse
Found it in spotify while searching for the latest songs and I liked it so I decided to add it on my playlist. Don't you just love this sexy song?

4. I was made for loving you (2015)- Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran
         Label: Capitol Records 
I am a huge fan of Tori Kelly, her glass like voice is captivating. I'm not sure if you're familiar, but he had lovely covers like "Suit and Tie" and "thinking about you" but not on spotify as well (Dear Spotify, please add it on your app). But nevertheless, because just this song alone will make you fall in love for the second time around, well, that's what I felt when I heard it, bonus part? She had a duet with Ed Sheeran, now I'm swooning!

5. The way I am (2006)- Ingrid Michaelson
      Label: Self- released
Just by listening plainly to the lyrics you can easily comprehend how confessional and vulnerable the song is. I love straight forward lyrics and Ingrid's crystalline vocals too, just can't get enough of her. I heard this song in one of AXN's advertisement on February of 2010 about romantic movies, I googled it right away, and eureka! Hello awesomeness!

6. Manga- Shaun Taylor Mcmanus
      Label: Shaun Taylor Mcmanus
My favorite piano composition of all time, certainly, the melody sounded cinematic and deep just the way I like it. You may also visit where you can find more of his compositions/albums.

7. Swank- Rilla Force
        Label: Rilla Force (also available in soundcloud)
At first I thought the song will start with piano sounds and and up like that, but this one isn't just classy, it's modern too, I like how the piano rhythm glides with bass, just wonderful really. I always look for this song and listen to it when I'm stucked in traffic, it calms me.

8. Give it all upSRNO, Gia Koka
     Label: SRNO (also available in soundcloud)
One of the best songs that I found in Spotify upon browsing. I was entertained by how smooth the entire song sounded like, this is something that I listen to repeatedly because I just can't get enough of it.

9. How can I (2015)- Marion
    Always be my maybe (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
         Label: Star Music
This song was played during a love scene in one of the truthful movies I've seen which is "Always be my maybe"(Filipino movie). Aside from well, it's a nice scene and all, Marion's voice was just powerful and lovely as well. I'm so glad I watch the movie.

10. Fly me to the moon (2006)- Sitti
   Label: Warner Music Philippines
You probably heard a lot of versions of this song already, but on my end, this surely is my favorite. Sitti is my favorite Bossa Nova singer in the world. Whenever I listen to her my brain automatically brings back good old memories, as if I've never been bitter my entire life. How beautiful life is.

11. Tattoed in my mind (2006)Sitti
        Label: Warner Music Philippines
I started listening to Sitti when I was in college, I remember my cousin who has a huge crush on her, he'll always watch her gigs, but I never had a chance to join him because of school. I so idolized Sitti, one of my dreams was to actually sing this song with her. I choose this in every karaoke performance, and they say I sang it well. Haha!

12. Without You (2015)- Oh wonder
     Label: Self-released. Island. Republic. Caroline International
There was a time that I listened to this song repeatedly because my earbuds were smitten by this duo. Their Indie pop/electro pop songs were very hopeful. Now this song is about waiting for someone to finally come home. Oh the feels!

13. Latch (Acoustic)- Sam Smith
       Label: PMR. Cherrytree. Interscope
When I heard this song I thought what an enchanting voice, was that a gal or a boy, well, the name Sam could be unisex right? But it doesn't matter because that Angelic voice of his is on point. I feel comfort whenever I listen to Sam. All his songs in his albums were purely honest, I can relate most of the time. I have a huge respect for this artist because he's not just a singer but also a song writer, what a talent! What else can I ask for.

14. With a smile (2005)- South Border, Kelly Badon
   Label: Musiko Records Greater East Asia Music & Sony BMG Music Entertainment
 Perfect song for a girl who holds grudges,  until a man comes along to comfort her, just my interpretation though. This song was originally played by Eraserheads, one of the iconic bands in the Philippines, and in fact the version of South border was a tribute to the band as well; although I love E-heads I chose this instead because of the soulful vocals. 

15. Vanilla Twilight (2010)- Owl City
   Label: Universal Republic
This could be dedicated to someone that you miss so dearly. A lost love, that we can no longer reunite. But you see, you won't notice such things if you won't pay close attention to the song/lyrics. It sounded nice but there's more to it. Well, me, just simple, I just want to listen to Owl's city's gentle voice and appreciate his music.

16. A beautiful mess (2008)- Jason Mraz
       Label: Atlantic Records
Truth is love isn't always pretty, but it's always worth it. I'm a huge fan of Jason Mraz he has this insane range of voice, indeed very versatile. And if there's one song that I want to be dedicated to me, it'll be this one. I want to be someone's beautiful mess. Heeeeeeee ♥

17. Sweetest thing (2013)- Mathai
 Label: EP, 3 Brown Elephants/Burke Stone Mgmt
Mathai is one of my favorite contestants in The Voice USA, although she didn't win for me she's the best on that particular season. Most of her songs are soulful and folksy that compliments her voice and makes the song even more beautiful. She had a studio cover of Ordinary people (not the one with The Voice, but I can no longer find it in youtube), but it's ok because her version of "Can't make you love me" is still available in Soundcloud, please spotify, add it to your app too! Just a trivia, she's a aspiring doctor, how cool is that!

18. What the world needs now is love (2009)- Stacy Kent, Dave              Chamberlain, Matt Home
This is one of those songs that should always be in a pluviophile playlist. The version of Stacy Kent is my favorite cover because her voice was gentle, soft and low. Whenever I listen to it- it brings me back to my normal peaceful mental and emotional state.

19. Put me down- Aquilo
       Label: EP (Island Records, Harvest Records, Universal)
Sometimes all we need is an atmospheric music and an emotional investment that will liberate our feelings. With Aquilo's dream-inducing sound and compositions it'll either you'll fall in love harder or expose you to wistfulness. Me? I just love their music and the feeling they bring.

 20. Whatever we imagine (1983)- James Ingram
    Label: Qwest Records, Warner Bros. Records
My dad would always listen to this song or even sing it in karaoke when I was young, and I thank him from that because I probably wouldn't discover this without him. This is the oldest song in my playlist but it gets better the more I listen to it.

21. Those sweet words (2004)- Norah Jones
        Label: Blue Note
I highly recommend Norah Jones alluring talent accompanied by beautiful tunes of the piano. Another straight forward song that makes you fall in love (everytime). My most favorite song of hers.

22. The nearness of you (2002)- Norah Jones
        Label: Blue Note
This song was made back in 1938, can you believe that, and my favorite cover is from our very own Norah Jones, yes, I can't get enough of her supple and precise voice, it seduces you to let your mind and heart rest. Long live Norah Jones!

23. Quando, quando, quando (2005) - Michael Buble', Nelly Furtado
          Label: 143/Reprise
The first ever song of Michael Buble' that I listened to was "home", after that I begun searching for more of his songs because whenever I listen to it I feel like I'm being serenaded or something. So when I discovered that he had a duet with Nelly Furtado I googled the song right away. It was perfect! Their voice was magical.

24. That's all (2003)- Michael Buble'
         Label:  Label: 143/Reprise
This is my favorite cover of all. This song never fails to make me feel alive and in love. When it starts to rain I look for this song right away and feel the moment. Just being right there and being serenaded is the best thing in the world, ever!

25. Falling in Love- Us the duo
       Label: Republic Records
These two singers (Clarissa and Michael) are real life couple. Destiny seem to be so amazing, because when their voices collide I hear angels singing. I started listening to their song "No matter where you are" and from there I began searching for more of their songs, later I discovered "Slow down time" and "(stop) just love". And oh their covers are awesome too! 

26. The day you said goodnight- Hale
           Label: EMI Records
I personally love the lyrics and Champ Lui Pio's voice, as a haler who listened to their songs a million times, I can definitely say that they're not your ordinary band. Every song is deep it connects to your heart in nano second, even you're broken hearted or not, Hale will mend your heart. By the way, they're my favorite band since high school. Hale was supposed to dominate this playlist, their song "Underneath the waves" and "Treehouse" was my no. 1 and 5 however those songs is not available in Spotify. Please add it to the app. Pretty please.

This playlist is existing you may check it out on spotify and look for XtineXpluviophile you may listen to it right away without searching for every song!

Once again, thank you for visiting my blog. God speed pluviophiles!

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