Friday, January 13, 2017

Eden Nature Park

Going to Davao City soon? There's no way that you could miss this place! To help first-time travelers navigate their  way through this city that draws almost 2 Million (and growing) visitors annually. I hope you find it useful. 

Having been to Davao City twice (before working here), I hardly qualify as an expert, but I do know a few things now that I wish I had know back then. And  that includes Eden Nature Park, nestled at the foot of Mount Talomo in Toril, Davao City. Its varying  landscapes, not to  mention  thousands  of pine trees, cool weather and unpolluted air make it one of the most scenic cities in the Philippines and a visually tantalizing retreat for holiday makers and travelers.

My family and I visited Eden Nature Park and Resort during Easter Sunday of 2015. This place offers a huge variety of things to see and do. This is a tough one. The amount of money you should bring depends on how much you intend to stay/indulge and how expensively you want to eat. For more info you may click this link for the list of price EDEN Tour package. (Price may change without prior notice).

It's almost lunch time when we got there, and because of the long drive plus the fact that we're all starving, we decided to take advantage of their all-you-can-eat buffet and of course tour package. The restaurant was simple, feels like home actually, except the weather was surreal, oh it was cold perfect appetite booster. haha.

What can I say about the food? Hmmm. You gotta bring a big appetite. Quality is the idea here. The buffet features impressive selection of dishes , guaranteeing something for every palate. While all of seasons' dishes are tempting. Be sure to try their pasta, Al dente indeed and don't forget the freshly salad (which ingredients were hand-picked from their garden). Just remember to save room for dessert: from gelatin to cream cakes and their home made ice cream (I LOVE IT!). ENPR is sure to have something for every sweet tooth. They definitely offered a great food value for the cost. Really hearty and delicious!

The tour...

There's so much to see in Eden, imagine 80 hectares of man-made nature park, the picturesque, gorgeous blooming gardens, with each attraction requiring 30 mins of your time (However with the tour it's just 15 mins for each attraction). There's a variety of natural and man-made sights that are simply captivating. When the weather is ideal the landscape is at its most striking. And sights are never ending. 
My favorite part? the spectacular flower gardens, they are a simple way and sincere way to lift our spirits. These whimsical, almost fairy-like blossoms are beautiful while on the trees and remain stunning sight even after carpeting the ground. 

Mindanaoan ancestors...

Make a wish...

Don't you just love seeing these colorful gumamela's? I love them. They made this wishing well even more beautiful.

Please wear comfortable shoes, because you'll be doing a lot of walking. And by a lot, I do mean A LOT! The place was vast and spread out, so comfort and support for your feet are paramount. (I used flip flops and it was a nightmare). 

And oh, aside from buffet and the tour. You may also enjoy their other Recreational actvities like "Fun at the Park" you know swimming pool, fishing village or horse riding, Sky Rider (much known as Zip line) and Sky Cycle (biking in the sky, bike and ropes provided of course), how cool is that?

Eden Nature Park and Resort is guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable journey and even more unforgettable experiences.

Now ask me, how will you make your vacation remarkable and epic? Just like you, I badly want an OPPO F1s Selfie Expert, that comes with 13MP rear camera with an industry-leading imaging chip. A 1/3.06-inch sensor allows the F1s to maximize light senstivity. Plus, the large pixels also work to bump up the dynamic range and give pictures a vivid depth and detail for capturing exceptionally clear and detailed photos.  

So what are you waiting for? TRAVEL, CAPTURE AND MAKE EVERY MOMENT LAST!


  1. Nice blog Tin! I hope you can share more of Davao's best before you leave us for a better op in Manila. LMOHPUDOH

    1. Hi Engr. Lors! Will do po. I still have 13 entries to blog. hihi! Thank you for dropping by! :)

  2. Go little sissy!. I'm one proud ate here. I wish I can explore Davao sometime with you before you get back here in Manila. I miss you! Catch you soon. Muwah

    1. Hi big sis! Thank you so much! Awwww I hope to show you how beautiful Davao is. I miss you too! See you soon, mwah! <3 :)

  3. Super nice blog entry, Tin. You're one of the best writers I've known. Keep it up :D