Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Destination: Isla Reta, Talikud Island

There was an urge to go to the beach (yes, again), so I asked my friends where to go since my sister will spend her vacation here in Davao City as well. I was told to visit Isla Reta in Talikud Island. And they were right, it's more than just a beach...


The easiest route to take is through Magsaysay Port, travel time is 1 hour. The water was clear, there were lots of trees, enough cottages for visitors and other amenities that you need, name it, they have it there. It's just disappointing that the place was too crowded.  We got there around 10AM and there were lots of tents already, there's loud music everywhere, different songs playing and drunk people. So we decided to look for our place, lucky us, there still a vacant area.

 To give you a clear picture of the place, all the images that you will see in this entry doesn't have any filter. (I'm using LG G2 mini by the way).

We had to secure our own place because there are new comers so we scattered our stuff. And started taking pictures. My sister was amazed with the natural beauty of Isla Reta, she said she'd love to go back.

We don't have a tent or even a cottage (since it was all taken), we just used a huge scarf to sit on. It was okay since we stayed under a huge tree with white fine sand. And best thing is that we're just 10 steps away from the water. Love it!

One travel tip that I learned from my sister was to bring a selfie stick to capture every epic moment. See the water behind us, it's crystal clear! 

Yes! We both enjoyed the cool water under the sun... Sunkissed baby! ♥

If you'll go to Isla Reta, don't just stay in your area, because there are parts of it that is so heavenly where you can take more pictures, the more you explore the more you'll be happier. I'm glad that there's a lot of trees in the area, reason why even the weather is too humid, there's still cool air that touches our skin wherever we go.

Some tips, if you have plans to stay overnight make sure to bring tents or if not, make a reservation by giving them a call at least 3 days before you go there. Also, keep the receipt after paying the entrance fee because they will ask for it upon getting back to Davao City.

Please see rates of Isla Reta: 

Boat Fare: 80php

Day tour: 100 php
Overnight: 200php

4 years old to 10 years old: 50php
3 years old below: FREE ☺

Picnic Hut: 250php/night
Camping Tent: 400php/night
Tent corkage: 100php/tent (if you brought your own tent)

Concrete room: 900php/night (Good for 2 pax)
Native room: 800php/night (Good for 3pax)
Dormitory: 6,500/night (Good for 22pax)

***Price may change without prior notice***


  1. I saw the guy (photo bomber) behind you and your sister, it's crystal clear, tin... LOL bwahahaha

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