Monday, November 14, 2016

Out of Nowhere Kitchen

Let me introduce you to one of the best places to dwell into, here you'll be able to taste the most inventive food in Davao City. You know what they say, you can't miss one of the joyful and gluttonous opportunities. And believe it or not, to this day, nothing beats our reaction when we visited the place, the jaw dropping reactions like: "Wait, this place is awesome". WELCOME TO OUT OF NOWHERE KITCHEN, yep we found it baby!

Here food was considered an artistic intervention to a starving soul designed to people who looks for something innovative yet delectable. Plus they have a unique menu that is interesting enough to feel festive and don't forget the modern touches that complements every meal. Seeing this, made me realized that waiting on queue was totally worth it. If you want a quick look to this restaurant you may check out my first vlog by clicking the link Youtube: Out of Nowhere Kitchen Part 1.

Somehow, despite its size, it just never feels all that crowded. What this really breaks down to: cozy, casual dining experience. I mean everywhere you go, there is this unique art/graffiti that will make you read the caption, look at the art's message or will transform you to a creative photographer. It's edgy, artsy, young. 

Seared Trio Maki. (My personal favorite) Imagine 3 types of maki in one serving, perfect right? Here we have Shrimp Maki topped with dried seaweeds, salmon maki topped with fresh seaweeds and tuna maki topped with bonito flakes, served with special asian sweet sauce. The maki was served in a wood pan and the presentation was simple yet appetizing. The fishy taste and the fleshy texture was flawless, it didn't bother me at all, hence, it made me more excited to finish what I ordered. I highly recommend this to all Maki lovers like me, if you want to taste something new and fresh, you gotta go for this! I really wish that I could eat this everyday.

Salmon maki topped with fresh seaweeds. Now this Seared trio maki unexpectedly highlighted seasonality and exceptional ingredients. Plus, once you dip them with the Asian sweet sauce that's it, say hello to awesomeness. 

Shrimp Maki topped with dried seaweeds. It's pretty amazing how they were able to maintain its freshness without spoiling its flavor. And yes, once you get hold of it, after munching it, you'll realize that the serving is really good for 2 pax.

Tuna maki topped with bonito flakes.  Look at this, isn't it beautiful? Wait until you get to taste it, if you're a maki enthusiast, then it's time to treat your  taste buds to a burst of flavor from their Seared Trio Maki.

Asian Grilled Chicken Thigh. Grilled boneless chicken thigh served with rice and buttered corn. Don't you just love a boneless chicken thigh? All you had to do was to sink you teeth into a tender, savory, grilled chicken. The corn looks just right, but wait until you tasted it, your taste buds will surely overjoy because it was perfectly seasoned, the butter intertwined with the garlic smoothly. (Can I order this separately? haha.)

Carribean Style Grilled Chicken thigh. This truly is a proof that you can spice things up without having to reinvent the third wheel. Yes! I tasted a distinct tart flavor, this grilled chicken is the bomb! Love! Also, the salad won't make you feel like you're trying to be good. And we like it.

Matcha Green Tea Shake. As per my friend who ordered it, it was creamy and good, nothing special. Although she enjoyed the kitkat on it, but the marshmallow not at all. But who knows may be you'll have  a different perspective right? :)

Apple Ice Tea Lychee.  A Bountiful amount of tea isn't bad after all. it was good because it did quench my thirst, although I missed the lychee flavor, what I tasted was apple-lemon, but still I like it.I had to share this with my friend because I can't finish it, so that's a good deal right there.

Good food, good friends, good life! The overall experience was terrific. After all, the price gave justice to the distinctive flavors the restaurant served that night. Thank you to the warm and accommodating staff and of course, compliments to the Chef, by far the menu/food was on point and was remarkable. It was such a laid back Friday night. No complaints at all. I highly recommend Out of Nowhere Kitchen, trust me, it will be amazing if you'll include this to your dining itinerary. 

We will definitely go back to try their other appetizers and desserts. Can't wait!

You may visit them at Block 2, Lot 5, Doña Alegre St., Mamay Road Anglionto, Dona Alegre St., Lanang, Davao City.

Opens Monday to Sunday 11:00AM- 2:00PM, 5:00PM- 10:00PM


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