Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fresh Buffet

Let's talk about buffet. I'm not advocating gluttony, but this indeed, an eat-all-you-can-eat scenario and you will not be hungry at least for the rest of day or night, whichever you prefer. Shall we?

Fresh is Nestled in Manila's premiere Solaire Casino and Resort at Entertainment City, Paranaque. Making it a high-quality, sophisticated option. Pricey, yes- it's 23++ php per person, but with really beautiful artfully arranged table buffets, unlimited wine, champagne and lobster, IT'S WORTH IT!
The place is beautiful, and light-filled, and the service impeccable. Be prepared for the full and varied menu where each dish looks as good as the one before and tastes really better that your usual buffet experience. Here, most of our favorites, where you won't be judged-and often you'll be encourage- for getting that fourth or fifth plate, and where you'll be able to taste till your heart's content as much great food as you could imagine. 
Salads are crisp, fresh and inviting. Safe to say that you can get whatever you need, everything in generous amount.
Appetizers are a must. It's so refreshing to find local appetizer, it's so unique and each of it really does taste authentic.
One of my favorites of course. My comfort food. Pancit luglug station. Here, you'll find complete ingredients plus different size/thickness of pancit. (I realized it's challenging to put just the right amount of ingredients especially if you love this so much, because you like plentiful of everything when, the buffet has so much to offer than one your favorites). 
This is another first for me. So whether you're craving for fresh out of the oven French bakery goods, they also have it here.
Hello cheese lovers! Tell me, what is unlimited wine, without unlimited cheese? That's right! At least 7- 10 types of cheese is also available. A night in heaven for me too.
Even there's plenty of food to choose on. Still you have to save room for dessert. Fresh has everything that you could think of, to be specific they have 2- 3 tables devoted to pretty desserts like cakes, chocolate/white chocolate fountain with fruits (and everything that is compatible and you could think of) and to my surprise, there's unlimited macaroons too!
This pictures shows how boundless sweet life can be. If I may suggest try their Swiss Roulade, Coconut and Pandan Jelly, and  Mango Jelly.

My experience at Fresh was one of kind. I never enjoyed food and wine (most especially champagne) like never before. One of the things that I wouldn't forget was the staff, I dunno, but I think she knows how much I love champagne so she keeps on refilling my glass, also the unlimited lobster. I never felt so stuff until that night.  Thank you to my cousin who tagged me along for this fulfilling dinner. 

Above all, it is  a very clean place that serves every soul food that you fancy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 
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