Friday, June 16, 2017


 I lived in Davao for more than 2 years and I found a place that serves my soul food just exceptionally.  I go to Souchef when I'm just plainly elated but most of the time I go there when I'm so stressed-out, and why is that? Well, to tell you honestly they serve food just you want it to be. My favorite food to order, Arrozcaldo.

Souchef is very close to my heart, I believe I dine here at least twice a week after a busy day, it's just a ride from the office, and just a ride too from home, it was that accessible! I can't help but love this place. The former bakery was transformed into a lovely comfort restaurant. It's kind of daring that makes this shy place an unintentional standout even the space is small.

 The interior was appealing, it gives cool vibe and great ambiance. Great place for social evening meal. If you're alone just choose a seat on the first floor, like what I always do.

This place is definitely one of favorites in Davao, most probably because I can get here most of my soul food. Everything is just consistently delicious. You know good food, great price and just excellent in every way.
La Paz Batchoy. Noodles were fresh, it was not overcooked, the broth is very tasty and the authentic flavors just comes out naturally, it was garnished with spring onions and toasted garlic evenly (which I like the most!). The toppings as you can notice are superb, each serving really does offer satisfaction.
Palabok. My second comfort food. Hot, appetizing and delicious it's complete meal by itself. You can never go wrong with it. Heaped with wonderful goodies, slices of hard boiled egg, spring onions traces and homemade pork rind, it's a must!
Siomai. 3rd comfort food. This siomai is the bomb! Firm, filling and not fatty at all. there's mild- tasting softness all throughout. It's good enough to eat even without toyomansi with fried garlic. You'll find it's quite the hearty merienda.
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich. 4th comfort food. Molded with exciting combination, it was served hot and perfectly toasted, oh the melted cheese was tasty, and they partnered it with very tasty ham. Yummy!

One thing's for sure is that, once you dine in Souchef  you will be in food heaven. You'll feel at home. You'll find the staff very accommodating, service and food with flair. So please Come in hungry!

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