Saturday, May 13, 2017

I am back in Lookbook

After 2 years of having an updated blog, today I will include fashion to one of my labels. Couldn't be happier to share this with you.

I can still remember the time when I realized that I am a sucker for fashion. I would relentlessly look for a unique top or accessory that would give life to my fashion sense. Few years back I would usually spend my allowance to buy at least one apparel or anything that is considered fashionable, if not, a piece that would look great on me. Until I realize how important money is. One day, I knew in my heart that I'm no longer happy looking the same as what others do. It was boring, I can't explain it. And I thought why not just move on and wear or buy what I truly believe that would fit me and disengage to what the society thinks. I found lookbook. 

Closet staple? Black dress, correct! What else? Red dress. You want to look classy and edgy fine, but how about Casual and comfortable? Guess what, it's possible too! Let me share my experience with Red bodycon dress from DKNY. (I got this for free by the way, upon ordering this online I mentioned to the seller that I will use it on my birthday and guess what, she gave it to me for free! She even paid for the shipping fee, it was one of the loveliest days ever!).

In a rush? Put on a white rubber shoes, grab your denim jacket and you're good to go!

Go far a chic classy edgy look. Wear a pretty heels and minimize accessories.

Surviving hormonal imbalance up to this date is such a huge achievement, definitely one of the reasons why I took some break from lookbook. But now I'm back, I'll keep doing everything that heart clamors. Welcome to XtineXyOLO. And I already committed to myself that I'll be discipled as far as I can. 

If there's one thing ethat I learn about fashion, you really just have to be yourself. No pressure, you have to feel it, you have to feel confident about it. Because your own fashion pretty much represents you. It shouldn't be tag as lush all the time, sometimes it's better off simple yet appealing. You're a fashionista yourself, of course you know what I;m talking about.

Thank you for dropping by! Expect more of these, rainy season is coming!

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