Tuesday, May 17, 2016


One of the Bakery Cafe's that is close to my heart is Bannaple. Even if it's Casual dining or just hanging out with friends, Bannaple will surely cater all the unique flavors right through your taste buds. Here's a peak not just to my personal favorites but also the reason as to why there's always a reason to go back...

One of my favorites in Bannaple is Fettucine Magnifico (200php), because they always serve it al dente.The creaminess and cheesiness of it is just right, it's something that you can finish by yourself (given that you're hungry or a pasta lover, like me) but Bannaple is also known for their big servings to the extent that you can share this with a friend. I just wish that the bread associated with it is toasted.
(Rate: 9.5/10)

I have a thing for Tuna pies that's why I decided to try Bannaple's very own Savory Tuna Pie (165php). When it comes to pies, I'm very particular with the crust and its texture, I always like it flaky and flavorful. My verdict is that yes, it is indeed savory, the filling is perfect, it is tasty and creamy however I was disappointed with the crust because it's too chewy I felt it doesn't blend with the filling, it's way too sweet for me. But the potato salad is perfect. I had to share this with someone else in order to finish it.  (Rate: 8/10)

                                                                         Awesome blueberry pancake- 160php

                                                                                        Cakes, cakes, cakes! ♥ 

Old fashioned chocolate cake- 130php

Blueberries 'n Cream Crunch Pie- 130php

Choconut Oreo Cheesecake- 135php

                                                                              Apple Caramel Crumble Pie- 120php

Banana Starry-berry Custard Cake- 145php

When I was creating this blog upon checking my phone, I noticed how much I like Bannaple, (with the photos that you'll see below) it's obvious that my friends and I have some sort of stomach connection. Haha.   Through the years it's been our favorite spot because it will make you feel home, the food was great and affordable plus the interior has always been cozy.
                                          2016 with my super friends, photo taken in Ayala Triangle Branch in Makati.

2014 with my gals, Bannaple at SM Trinoma, Quezon City.

 2013 with my teammates at work, Bannaple Kalayaan Quezon City.

With over 13 branches in MetroManila there is no way to miss it. 


  1. Super mouth watery food.. Oh my... I wanna eat and eat and eat and eat!!!