Friday, February 17, 2017


I ordered Shiromaru Tamago (also known as Hakata-style ramen). What else can I say, the broth/soup was so smooth, it has pork loin, bean sprouts kikurage and spring onions.  I chose Hard when it comes to how I want my noodles to be cooked (even though the waiter suggested very hard, for al dente) still, the strands are delicate but with an al dente spring, comes webbed with skinny, straight noodles. It is the city’s best  ramen because its temperature were cranked up to a soul-warming scorch. Drooltastic!

The dining process consists of choosing the Ramen that you like (if I’m not mistaken) currently they have 13 kinds of Ramen to choose from. Some varies from the type of noodles, the ingredients incorporated   and of course the flavor. Here they respect and specify preferences like “flavor strength”, “noodle tenderness” and “fat content”. 

I’ve never been in Eastwood Libis for quite some time. But I was in owe to discover that nowadays, whatever your stomach desires can be easily found just by strolling around in Eastwood. Like for example, it was a cold night and my friends and I are craving for a soup or anything warm to eat. We had to look for a restaurant that offers both comfort and satisfaction, later we realized we want RAMEN, yes, RAMEN is love and so we chose Ippudo. 

 It was a warmly lit room, it clean and neat. The place won't really provide a Japanese vibe, but as far as I'm concerned, food is more important, so is the service.

SHIROMARU TAMAGU. The difference from my description above? The seaweed and the hard boiled egg. And oh, once you consume the noodles and wanted more, you can! Just have to add 80php.

Matcha Creme Brulee. This is the real deal. Bitter the first bite to reset your palate, then afterwards you'll be able to taste the sweet hints of caramelized sugar. Such a nice subtle hint of different flavor.  

Overall, it's a fun place to visit with friends! All dishes are made for sharing. Great service - staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. Service was prompt, place is reasonably priced. Definitely look forward to my next visit!

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