Sunday, January 8, 2017

Street grub

Fan of street art? Want to play the part of a curator or wide-eyed art enthusiast while scarfing down good food? then Street Grub is just perfect for you.

It was a rainy Saturday when my bears (hug-gable, great friends at work) decided to spend time together and check-out this new restaurant mainly to try their matcha milkshake. But the menu was so inviting we had more than what we originally have in mind. Such a hip hangout for the art world. Each  corner is brimming with  stunningly beautiful graffiti that will stimulate your senses.
While waiting for our friends, we decided to take solo pictures with every graffiti we like. Were pleasantly surprised, oh, such artistic concept that will leave you in awe.

The menu is exactly how I love them-- short enough that you know the kitchen does things very well. I believe they already updated their menu, but everything you see here is still available.

Oreo Matcha Milkshake. No grittiness, was able to maintain the earthy flavor, lightly sweetened and for me it's the perfect amount of sweetness. Don't you just love the cotton candy, matcha Kitkat, Oreo and ice cream cone? Sweet overload? Nah everything was worth extra calories.

Chicken Shawarma. Can't go wrong with this. Definite authentic taste, fluffy pita too, great spiced. Gonna be hard to beat, definitely above average. The dip was creamy and spicy perfect match for the shawarma.
Mozzarella Sticks. Such a solid appetizer. It was thick, insanely melty and perfectly stringy mozzarella curds are stretched, fired to order served with ketchup. (I've died and gone to breaded heaven!). Enough said. Just order them.

French dip. The flavor was incredible, the meat was tender, substantial in size, and was moist and well seasoned, but I just really believe that this goes well with rice.

The dining area had a great environment with very manageable noise volume that allowed for good conversation. Girl talk and other stuff. haha.

So if you're looking for delicious snack or light meal, Street Grub truly got the good stuff. Plus it's a fun place to hang out because can't deny it, it really has a cool vibe and the ambiance was beautiful. Plus the servers are so friendly and accommodating.

Visit them at:
Unit D, Pasio Uno Building, Ruby St., Marfori Heaights, Davao City

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  1. Tin, nice post and great images... am craving for Oreo Matcha Milkshake!!!! :D hehehehe