Saturday, December 3, 2016


If I had a tummy the size of Olympic pool and the highest metabolism known to an earthling, I would have tried one of everything. Ugh.

When I first walked through the door of Lachi's, I was immediately greeted by groups of people waiting for their turn to dine (the waiting game were no one give's up, YAS! Good thing were able to make our reservation.) And then I saw the fridge with numerous cakes displayed, I squealed like a little girl in delight, I felt like they were talking right back to me. Haha.

I was a first time goer to try their desserts. Went there with my friends who aren't first timers. The more the merrier! Well, truthfully it was the goal, from what I heard over and over again I'll find the best Sansrival in town here, like what my boss, relatives and friends told me so times. 

TADAAAA! Dessert Time!
New York Blueberry Cheesecake. The dense-soft filling was incredible, its richness was heavier with smooth consistency, totally yummy. The downside was that crust was dry, not too dry but it didn't blend well with the accuracy of the filling. They met the NY Cheesecake standard. So, if you can handle an overload of sweetness you must try it. 

NEXT... My fave! 
Sansrival. It was sensational and to die for: the meringue was crispy, the buttercream was perfectly sweet just how I want it, cashews and pistachios were roughly chopped, you'll feel it lingering through your taste buds like they were best buds (if you know what I mean) ;) It'll take me a long time to forget that buttery goodness sandwiched in meringue. Never had a better one.

Five-Chocolate Torte. This multilayered cake was perfectly moist, full of great flavor and so delicious. You won't regret it! It is made of Belgian Cocoa, white chocolate, Milk Chocolate and bittersweet, chocolate. This concoction truly gave me a mouthful of orgasmic flare. Utter and complete love.

This blog will be updated again. 

You may visit Lachi's: at Door 1-H VAL Learning Village Ruby St., Marfori Heights, Davao City 8000
For reservations: (082) 224-55-52

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