Sunday, October 16, 2016

The lovely Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant

The night was beautiful, city lights were talking right back to you, pulling you away from the negativity of life, the air was full of serenity as if it was designed to comfort you... Few things why I find this place the most pleasant at nightfall.

Welcome to Jack's Ridge! My most favorite place in Davao City. Warning: this post contains a lot of photos focusing on city-lights. So yes, if you're a sucker for either simple to aesthetic place overlooking the city just like me, then voila this post is dedicated just for you! 

Based on experience, if you're new in Davao City and if you'll ask opinions of DavaoeƱos to give some names of beautiful places that you can visit then don't get surprised because, this surely is part of the list. And oh, good news! There's no entrance fee.

Let's have little history check about Jack's Ridge, this place used to be a headquarters of the retreating Japanese forces towards the end of the World War II. Also, this is quite intriguing, some says that hidden somewhere in the caved are gold bullions and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other countries and brought to Davao, Interesting right?! (Not enough? You may visit this site for the full story 

So what are the things that you can look forward to?Well, there are restaurants/cafe to choose from like TakloboKai’s Bar and Grill (where local singers/ bands serenade the crowd all night), and Karlo’s Gourmet and CoffeeI'd been in the place twice, yes, just twice and sometimes I just wanna go back, and try the other restaurants too, because given to experience the place twice, my family and I dine in the same restaurant which is Taklobo.

Some friendly advise before you visit Jack's Ridge, if you'll visit the place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. MAKE RESERVATIONS FIRST. Most especially if you'll be there around 7pm onwards the last time that we visited Taklobo we waited on queue for 40 mins. (we're number 12 on the list, ugh, heartbreaking) and worst, another 45 minutes before our order were served. 

Let's talk about food. (Since there's 7 of us that night) we ordered Beef Kare kare (P274.00), Spicy Pork Ribs (P275.89), Seafood supreme (P288.60) and Shanghai Rice (P150.00). Should we start with the positive ones? Very well then, Shangrai rice is definitely a must try, it wasn't too oily nor salty it goes well with every viand that you're going to partner it with; I find the price so affordable too because every platter is good for 4 persons. Next, we have Spicy pork ribs, this, I highly recommend, I seldom eat pork ribs, and that moment was perfect to try something new, and yes, it was deliciously mind blowing, the flavors we're so strong, the pork was so tender and the after taste was remarkable. Kare kare, I hate to break it, but, I don't recommend it at all; it was served cold, given we waited for almost 1 hour, the peanut sauce was thick and somehow savory, but the vegetable on it were overcooked and the stewed oxtail, pork hocks and beef stew meat were tough, I didn't  enjoyed it. (May be because there we're too many customers that night, but I love Kare kare so much, and it broke my heart). Last but not the least, Seafood supreme, the creamy taste of coconut was delectable, the scallops, shrimps and fish were perfectly cooked, it was heavenly. 

Allow me to show you the place. The first time I went there I thought, so, there really is such place as this- this exists, wow. I fell in love right away.  (If I may suggest, First, visit it before it's dark so you'll have a great picture of it. Second, wear your most comfortable shoes because there's a lot of stairs to climb on and go down to, but don't you worry because the route was simple you wouldn't get lost in any way possible. Third, take good care of senior s if you'll bring them there, have a lot of patience). 

Somehow it reminded me too of Intramuros City, but here it's not walled but rather overlooking the city, and to tell you the truth upon exploring the place (I don't know if it's just me, because I'm such a  history buff) there's this certain enigma that hauls me deeper while strolling to what seems an overwhelming panoramic mileu through the remnants of the past. 

Jack's Ridge could be your perfect hang-out spot with friends/family or could be your perfect place for a date. Aside from restaurants and cafe, they also have an Amphitheater where you can celebrate important milestones of your life, they also have a pool, cottages and souvenir Shop. Sounds like a good idea right, everything you need in one place.

Oh I wanna see you again soon, you picturesque nightscape...  

For more inquiries and reservations you may visit and contact them at:

Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant Corp.
Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City 8000
63.82.2978830 to 31

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  1. Been here many times but never been here at night. Thanks for the nice pics, tin. Love the 6th and 8th pics. Kinda like somewhere not in the Philippines :D