Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Photo walk: Davao City

I'm no photographer, but I love to take pictures because I see beauty in everything, no exceptions. So today I will share some pictures that caught my attention and its stories .

"Prayers at night"
Some nights, we overthink
Some nights, we plan and later forget
Some nights, we dream, and procrastinate after
Some nights, we hope for a brighter future

At dawn you're still awake
At dawn you're still creating that long list
At dawn you're almost there but lost it
At dawn you're hopeless but eager

Until you closed your eyes and got a misty eyes
Until you remembered that there's a way out
Until you shed some light and found God
Until you surrendered everything to him and realized how effective the Prayers at night...

Location: St. Patrick Assissi Church, Ma-a, Davao City

Pictures from here on were taken from Ponce Suites, Davao City and artworks by Kublai Millan...

This place is known to be a hotel and  lucky you, if you're an art enthusiast then this place is perfect for you, you wouldn't just get mesmerized with the craft itself but you'll have an ample time to check out everything.

"That's art"

It's not the shape nor the color
It's not the texture nor the fragrance
It's not the perfection nor the imperfection
It's not how it's aligned nor presented

Not even where it is located
Not even who made it
Not even how it is being lit
Not even how it is being presented

It's the way it makes you feel
It's the way it changes your mood
It's the way it inspires or lifts you
It's the time you knew that's art...

We don't really need to explain everything, sometimes what's important is how a certain place can change our entire perception about life and art itself.

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  1. I knew it!!! you're such a great artist deep inside. Let it out, Tin aweeeeee :D Super like your post.
    Tsaka nag post ka na talaga. Welcome back bwahahaha