Friday, August 28, 2015

Sweet Escape to Canibad Island

Welcome to the secret paradise... ♥

Roughly, travel time was an hour or so from Kaputian port. Exact fare was 180php per head using a motorbike (imagine there was 3 of us, and it was a bumpy-rocky-dusty ride). It was tiring, going there was an absolute challenge. But whe we got there, we realized IT WAS WORTH IT... ♥

Fresh air, lovely shade. Welcome to the beach life!

We stayed at Kathleen's Resort. Entrance fee is 100php for daytime, overnight fee is 150 and for overnight I believe if you have a tent you just have to pay 250php. Also, just to set your expectations, the beach won't offer a fine sand, there are rocks associated with the sand itself, but trust me it won't hurt at all. (the picture on the right side though, that's my bf's legs).

This shade means a lot, because during noon time it's really humid.You can actually bring your own food, cooked or not, they provide kitchen just have to pay I believe 200php. And if you need to charge your phone/laptop just have to have them 20php.

We didn't get a chance to know his name but this dog will make you feel home, I mean he won't bark at you or anything, he'll just follow you around as if you're his master or something. So sweet.

This is me, happy and ready to hit the beach... Canibad really did captivated my heart, it's not crowded, it's serene, it's just the perfect place to relax.

Meet my bf, it was his first time as well in this place, and he enjoyed it the way I did.

If you're planning to stay overnight they're offering this cottage for only 2,500 per night, the room is inclusive of air conditioner.
While this one is 1,500php. It'll give you that province vibe kind of feeling. (Just in case you want to experience some province like life).

Don't you just love that clear water...

Off we go!

There are two types of beach, one that is crowded and the other one that is serene where you can chill and just feel nature. So if you're looking for a place that can offer both satisfaction and privacy then go visit Kathleen's Resort in Canibad. One of the challenging part of the trip, the stairs, 150 steps of more. Haha. Oh I'll definitely go back to Canibad.


  1. Geeee.. wanna go there too... :D thanks for this mouth watering and jaw dropping photos of the place, Tin :D

  2. I have an idea! Let's have our second fun shoot here! Let's tell Ella and Cris :D I know such a beautiful place, I wanna go back :)

  3. I totally love the beach, specifically where is this in Philippines? ^^ i love how the water is so clear and not so populated.

    1. Hi Ann! It is located in Canibad, Samal Island, Davao del Norte. Thanks for asking :)